Are you going to buy an Air conditioner? Well, you will think to buy or choose the best Air Conditioner in your price range. Here, in this blog post, I will tell you the factors to be considered before buying, so that you could choose the best Air Conditioner. 🙂

The temperature is rising every year in summer, and we know how painful is to live in those hot sunny days. Cooler also fails in case of heavy humidity. So it became the necessity to install an Air Conditioner in our home.

Mostly, we will find that there are two types of Air Conditioners(ACs) are available in the market.

  1. Window AC 
  2. Split AC

So, let me tell you something about both ACs in brief.

Window AC 

As its name suggests, this type of ACs is installed or fitted in the windows of the house. It is one unit AC. One unit means all the component like motors, connecting pipes, compressors, heat exchangers etc are contained in a single unit or single base.

Choose Best Air Conditioner
Window AC: Choose Best Air Conditioner(AC)


If there is some space in front of your windows(for better cooling) then you can install this type of ACs.

Split AC

Split AC is divided into two parts or two units unlike window AC, that is Fan and Compressor unit. Usually, the compressor is installed on the roof on the residence and the fan is within the room. One major characteristic of Split AC is a single outdoor unit(compressor) can support one than more indoor unit(fans).

Choose Best Air Conditioner
Split AC: Choose Best Air Conditioner(AC)

Cost of split AC is generally high. Now it depends on you, choose the AC as your per requirement.


What to look to Choose Best Air Conditioner?

Room capacity

It is one of the most important factors that is considered to choose the best Air Conditioner. If you are buying AC of more capacity than required one, then you are paying more buying and also you will get more power bill. If you are buying AC of less capacity then it may save some money in buying but the lifespan of the AC will decrease and also it increases the power bill. So, it is very important to choose the best Air Conditioner.

So, what should be the capacity of your AC that you need? We can calculate approx value very easily.

  • First, calculate the size of your room(in square feet), then divide it by 600 for getting basic AC capacity. For every five people, add 0.5 extra. You will get the required value in the ton.
  • If you are living where the surrounding temperature is more than 45 degree, then you will have to add about 0.5 more.
  • If your wall of the room is directly in contact with sunlight, then you should buy AC with more capacity than calculated.

Energy Efficient

Your ACs must be an energy efficient so that it consumes low power and hence reduces your electricity bill. Air Conditioner(AC) comes with stars ratings(energy efficiency ratings), the more stars mean it is more efficient. So try to buy 5 stars rated AC if your daily uses of AC is above eight hours.

Maintenance & Cleaning

ACs need the regular servicing. So, before buying AC, always check the company aftersale service. So always choose the best service providers company.

ACs are costly products, so try to buy that one which comes with the longer warranty period, because in case of any problem to AC, you may have to pay a lot.



Ultimately, we need good and refreshing air in our room that can only be achieved installing the best and latest filter. So, always try to buy AC with the best filters. A filter also ensures the good cooling and also increases the efficiency of an AC.



In Spit ACs, the compressor is placed far from the place you sleep, so there are no any problems. But in case of Window ACs, all units are at the same place and inside our room. So it will make noise more, then there will problem in sleeping. So always try to buy that ACs which produce less noise or say no noise.


Poor installation may cause some problem like noise and can reduce its performance. So, your AC should be installed by the workers from the service centre.


So, this was the buying tips to choose the best Air Conditioner. It will definitely help you to buy the best one.

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