How to Earn more Instagram Followers

How to Earn more Instagram Followers

Do you want to be famous on Instagram? I hope so, if not why are you reading this article.

Do you have to be already famous to get a massive following on Instagram?

Not necessarily! But if you are already somewhat semi-celeb, then it will give you an edge  compared to others who are nobody yet

What is an Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking site or an app made for sharing photos and videos. It is available both on IOS and Android Devices. Instagram has reached a total user of 1 billion per month with 80% following a business account. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual trying to grow your brand or following, Its always hard in the beginning. Growing your Following doesn’t happen overnight, except for some lucky ones. It takes time, dedication, patience, and attention. You have to take care and nurture as if it is a newborn baby

There are many factors to grow your Instagram Followers, similarly, there are also many reasons for losing your Instagram Followers

So without further ado,

Here are 12 ways to grow your Instagram Followers


1.Have a Unique Hook with your Post

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


There are millions of Instagram accounts and influencers to follow. Why should they follow you when they can choose from the others millions of accounts? So give them a reason to follow you. Don’t be like all the others, Have your own Unique style of colours, Camera Angle, Editing Style, etc. Just make you post feel your vibe and differentiate from others.

This is a simple and basic thing, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it. You necessarily don’t need a DSLR Camera worth thousands of dollars. These days even an iPhone will do, provided the right angle and lighting



Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


Hashtags have become a crucial part of Social media lately especially Instagram. You can leverage your Instagram growth by using Hashtag in your Post. Use the most popular hashtags in your niche and industry to reach a larger audience or a  group of Instagram users connected or interested to that Hashtag. Trust me it definitely helps with your Outreach.

If you are in the Food niche, you can post using Hashtags like #food, #foodporn, #foodie, #chefmode, etc.

When you post with that hashtag, whenever someone searches for that Hashtag, it will be shown in their newsfeed. You can also use Cross-promote to grow your follower’s count.

For Example, you can use the  #follow4follow or #like4like to follow and like each other post. These are some of the most common hashtags that help users out by cross-promoting themselves.

However, This kind of Hashtag is used with the Intention for following one another and liking each other Post. They really do not have a huge engagement rate.

Make your photos eye-catching at one glance.

Fun Fact– Chris Messina is the first person to post with a Hashtag in August 2007 and The first Hashtag was #barcamp.


3.Use Local Hashtag

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


We have already learned that Hashtag is a crucial part to get exposure to your account. There is another way or tweak on Hashtag to get more Exposure And that is by using local hashtags, Yes that’s pretty much it. Nothing Complicated and, mindblowing secrets.

Local Hashtag lets you connect with the people near you or the business accounts who might be interested in your products or services. Whats funny is that only around 30% of businesses are active on social media have an Instagram account.

By using local hashtags, it can literally help you stand out much more and get found in that particular area. For Example, If you run a Pizza restaurant and you tag your location on all your post, while the other business is not tagging their location.

What happens is that whenever someone searches for a Pizza service near NewYork or whatever the location may be, Your post will be at the top and dominate the feed. In this, way it will help your Business. I would recommend using at least three to four location-based hashtags on every of your post

This definitely works and it’s not only for business, This can be applied for personal blogs too. And if your content is worth following, it can help you gain more followers and get more engagement


4.Partner Up with an influencer

This one is 50% hard and 50% easy. The hard part is finding an Influencer but once you find an influencer that will work then you can expect some followers coming. The first step is to find an influencer within your niche to partner with.

Ask them to tag you in one of their Post. Or the better way is to take a photo with them and post on both their profile and yours. This definitely works and helps reach more people at the same time

If you partner with the right influencer who will work with your audience, then This is a great way to grow your followers, and engagement overnight.


5.Maintain a consistent Theme

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


Don’t be that person who posts whatever they want in their camera. Have your own style. Choose a colour style and maintain a frequency.

Here is what you gotta understand, Color plays a big role in your post and images, What happens when you have the same or somewhat similar colours repeatedly is that it brings each of your posts together through that common element and give a solid look at first glance.

Here are some Tips to create a consistent theme-

a) I would suggest you Use just one filter.

b) Don’t change your lighting and Always use the same lighting.

c) Make sure to Use around 1-4 backgrounds.

d) Pick your favourite fonts of around 1-4 and stick to it.


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Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


Free is the word which makes anyone open their ears. Who doesn’t want Free? Leverage that and make use to your benefits.

There are many types of Giveaways. One of the most common is the Tag-to-enter giveaways. This type of Giveaways is awesome especially when you’re looking to generate more engagement.

One of the most important benefits of this type of contest is that it’s free and so simple that there is no restriction and anyone can literally enter. They just have to tag to someone and that’s it. They have entered into the giveaway competition automatically.

When you choose the prize for the giveaway, make sure that it is related to your audience. For example, if you are in the fashion niche. Run a contest and set the winners trophy as some Luxury bags or Shoes, etc.

It will lead to more tags, visits to your account because the product buzz them and they are more likely to engage with your post

There are also many types of Giveaways such as Follow to win, Use this Hashtag in one of your posts to win, etc.


7.Post At The Right Time

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


This one is super Important because timing is everything. Timing is very important when it comes to reaching your audience. Do you want to know the reason Why?

For Example, many of your followers are most likely to follow a bunch of people. Let’s say Mr A follows 80 people and he is from the United Kingdom while you are from China. What happens when you don’t make them aware of your timing schedule? China and Uk have at least 7 hours difference.

By the time you wake up and post, Mr A would have been asleep so he wouldn’t see your Post. You might be thinking, what’s the big deal, he will see it when he wakes up? But here is the deal, Mr A follows 80 people so his feed will be flooded with the other 79 which he followed. Some of them might even post twice or thrice. So your post will get lost in the feed.

But if Mr.A absolutely loves your content and searches to check them out, that is another whole story. If not your content has a high chance of not being seen by your followers

So the best way to solve this problem is to use an Instagram scheduling tool and post at a time frame that will work for your audiences all around the globe. Here is a tip Post your pictures consistent throughout the week with a slight peak on Thursday and Monday.


8.Engage with your Audience

Don’t be like a robot to your audience, be connected to them not only by posting pictures but also in comments, liking your follower’s posts, etc. Make them feel like special by replying to their comments and engage with them. That’s what is all about. Create a community, Answer their questions and make a lively group.

There are many tweaks and tips to get more engagement

Tips to ask Questions

a) Get Personal with them

b) Do a Q & A

c) Play a Trivia or Games

d) Run a Poll or a Quick Survey eg. Red Hair or Blonde, etc

e) Fill-In-The-Blank


9.Reshare/ Repost on other Social Media

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


This is a great way to cross-promote your post from one site to another. Repost your Instagram posts on all of your social networks. This will not only grow your post to get more eyeballs but also lead to transfer your followers from one site to another

Here is what I mean by this…

Let’s say you have some following on Facebook. Whenever you post your pictures on Instagram, share that same post on Facebook and other social media sites you have. In this way, your Facebook fans may be tunnelled down to your Instagram account and they are more likely to follow you

It’s very simple to do that

Why? because Instagram allows you to automatically share posts on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter when you publish. You can also allow others to repost or reshare your stuff.

10.Host a Takeover

This strategy works well if it is done right. Here is how it works- Basically you hand over an influencer to takes over your account for a specific time.

What’s even better is that the influencer informs his/her followers about the takeover that he/she be on your account. The influencers loyal fan base is, most likely to follow your account. In this way, you can increase your follower.


11.Engage with other people Post

When someone helps you, you are also inclined to help that person. Right? This principle also applies here.

This has been a proven Strategy that works well despite all the ups and downs and changes in the Instagram Algorithm. This one is based on Human Emotion. If you like to follow or comment on someone post. They are much more likely to do the same.


12.Promote through paid Ads

Earn more Instagram Followers
Earn more Instagram Followers


This one cost money. I don’t particularly recommend doing this unless you are a business trying to grow your audience or brand awareness.

This is another way to get more followers by leveraging the Instagram Ads to promote their posts or their brand. If you are sure you want to try it out. One thing I would recommend is to make sure that your targetting is very sound and the ads should look appealing at one glance.

People normally don’t like seeing ads and the word sponsored content is gonna make them scroll down unless you have a way to hook their eyes and make them land in your account.

And when they reach your account, they will take no more than 3 seconds to decide whether to follow you or not. So it comes all around again to step 1 of making your photos look good, consistent theme, etc.



Its always hard to break the ice. But if you grow to around 5000 followers, naturally your growth rate is flowing smoothly given the circumstances that you continue following the steps. Instagram is a patience game, so don’t panic and over think about it. Post consistently and have a decent strategy. But at the end of the day, it’s not the number of your follower that matters, its the loyalty of your fans

Hopefully, these help you to stay ahead on the game

Do you have any tips to share with us?

But anyway let me know in the comments section about your thoughts RIGHT NOW.


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