What is a TF Card Memory and how it is different from a microSD Card?

What is a TF Card Memory and how it is different from a microSD Card?

Hey guys! in this post, I am gonna tell you about TF Card memory and how it is different from microSD Card memory. Basically, I am going to differentiate the microSD card and TF card

What is the memory card? -> Memory card or flash card is a small storage device used to store digital information. This device is commonly used in our mobile phones, cameras, laptops, computer, tablets etc.

You may have come across TF Card and felt confused with a microSD card. After reading this post, all your doubt will be cleared for sure.  So before starting to differentiate microSD Card and TF Card, lets took a small brief about them.


Are microSD Card and TF Card same?

What is microSD Card-> It is a typical flash memory card used to store files and data. Here, SD stands for secure digital. Sometimes, microSD is also called µSD. This is used in phones, media players etc. It is a very small storage device almost the size of a fingernail.

microSD cards
microSD card

What is TF Card -> TransFlash card(TF Card) is formally known as T-FLASH. It was introduced by Sandisk in 2004 and considered as world’s smallest memory card.

TF Cards
TF Card


The main difference between microSD Card and TF Card?

They are almost similar and can also be used for the devices made for others. You can use any of them to store your data, they also look similar. Then is there any difference or both are same? The answer is there is some technological difference which I will explain below pointwise.


  • microSD slot also supports non-memory jobs like Bluetooth, GPS and other near field communication but TF Card doesn’t.


  • There is a security switch in microSD card, but there is nothing like this in TF Card.


  • Dimensions- SD Card – 24mm×32mm×2.1mm  and TF Card – 15mm×11mm×1mm.


  • microSD card doesn’t support 64 GB but TF Card does.

This was the few differences that both have. In 2004, TF Card was considered as the latest generation of memory cards. Later, Sandisk cooperation changes the name of TF Card to microSD card.

PS- Both are basically same, the name of microSD Card was TF Card originally.

Now hoping you have got your answer to these questions like

>what is memory card?

> what is microSD Card?

> what is TF Card?

> what is the main difference between the microSD Card and TF Card?

Still, if you have any confusion regarding the difference between microSD Card and TF Card or you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. I am here for you. Do share this posts with your friends on facebook and twitter if you find this post informative. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter service to receive mail about our latest updates. Thanks for reading this post.


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