How to Improve Training with Digital Transcription

Regardless of whether you are training customer service representatives or your sales team, digital transcription equipment can help you dramatically. Digital dictation is getting more popular and being used in more industries. Knowing how to use it will help you to take your training to the next level.

How to Improve Training with Digital Transcription

How to Improve Training with Digital Transcription
How to Improve Training with Digital Transcription

Get Written Record

Digital dictation equipment will make it easy for you to capture what is being said by both parties. Voice to text technology has improved considerably over the past several years. This means that the headsets your team wears will likely catch more of what’s actually being said.


Enjoy Integration

All of what is being digitally transcribed can integrate with the entire office. This means that the transcriptions can be secured over the Internet. They can be captured from phones as well as PCs. It ensures that you can use existing equipment as opposed to purchasing a completely new system simply so that you can take advantage of digital transcription.


Review What’s Being Said

Rather than listening to tapes, you can enjoy the luxury of voice to text. You can read through the transcriptions to see what has been said over the phone. If there are issues with how customer service representatives are handling issues or your sales team is missing a particular cue, you can use the transcripts as a training tool.


Share the Transcripts

Consider sharing different versions of transcripts that you receive. You may want to show some of what people should be doing and others as what people should not be doing. As people can read through the transcripts on their own, they will learn more about the techniques that are preferred within the organization.

Various types of equipment will allow you to integrate digital transcription into the operations. You can then use the text as an important training tool.

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