Importance of Deaeration

Importance of Deaeration

Deaerators work by removing dissolved gases, such as oxygen, from water. Removing these gases is important because if they remain in the water as it moves through equipment such as steam boilers it can lead to corrosion. Corrosion is extremely damaging because it attaches to metal areas and oxidizes, which creates rust. Deaerators help minimize damage and keep equipment up and running in good working order.

How Deaerators Work


As water temperature rises, the solubility of gases falls. Water is heated in a device with little drop in pressure and minimal venting. The water is sprayed over a large surface area and over multiple tray layers. The steam is fed through the water, releasing dissolved gases. The treated water drops into a storage tank.

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Maintaining your Equipment

It is important that all the mechanisms in the deaerators are in good working condition. If the deaerator spray nozzles become blocked, the spray is impeded and your deaerator will not work as efficiently or may stop working altogether. It is important to check regularly to ensure that the deaerator spray nozzles are in good working order.

Fortunately, you can replace these deaerator spray nozzles relatively easily and at a low-cost. Keeping the various mechanisms of the deaerator, such as the spray nozzles, headers, and tray hold downs, in good working condition ensures that your deaerator will continue to process and remove gases for a long time.

Importance of Dearatoring Water

Removing dissolved gases from water systems is important for the safety of your employees and the long life of your equipment. Without properly deaerating your water systems, corrosion can slip into various components, weakening the structure and leading to expensive leaks and costly downtime. Regularly checking your deaerator equipment ensures that it is in good working order and the water in your systems is free of gases that can cause oxidation.

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