How Can AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Advance Your Career? 

Are you looking for an opportunity to broaden your data analyst knowledge and help your career grow faster? 

Do you want a better job position that can give you added benefits that will help you save up for your future? Everybody wants to have a better job, a better career but don’t know where to start.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam is the perfect choice for you. This will help you reach your career goals one step at a time.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam is the perfect choice for you. This will help you reach your career goals one step at a time.

A data analyst is the one responsible for gathering data, analyzing it for any clues on how to find solutions to the problem at hand; may it be for sales, inventory, marketing or any other area that a client asks for. 

Any form of business and any type of company will likely to get a data analyst to help improve their systems and make organizing and managing data hassle-free. 

If you are a data analyst, you are likely to get involved in everything, from data analysis to provide important data that can eliminate a problem. 

Oftentimes, you are asked to train other staff that could help in data collection and analysis so that you will have a helping hand in doing your job. 

Responsibilities of the Data Analyst 

  1. Reports are one of the main responsibilities of a data analyst. A data analyst needs to produce reports that are understandable for clients. Making data look like a narrative is very hard to do and only successful data analysts can do the job right and make both their bosses and their clients satisfied.
  1. Data analysts are responsible for spotting patterns that will make their job easier for they make reports monthly, quarterly and annually. They can show these patterns to the clients and find solutions that can improve or maintain the data they have gathered over time.
  1. Communication is also part of their job. They will be working alongside data scientists and solutions architect so that they can build a better system for the company using the data they have gathered and analyzed. This way, the outcome is better.

Sometimes, data analysts want to venture out into other professions or a higher job position. This is where AWS certified big data specialty exam comes in. this certification helps professionals have more knowledge and skills that they can benefit from and use as leverage to get a better job. There will be a lot of hard work before you can get ahold of the certification and we will be discussing all of those below.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam

If you want to be a better data analyst, you can try out for the Big Data Specialty exam. This exam mostly targets professionals whose job is to gather complex data to analyze and make a report of with the use of AWS technologies. They also require individuals to have at least 2 years of working experience using AWS so they have a little bit of background information that could help in passing the certification exam. 

This can be the step to the right direction for data analysts aspiring to be better in their profession. Before jumping into the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam, an individual must know what comes with having this certification:

  • An individual can and knows how to make and implement AWS big data services 
  • An individual must know how to create, design and maintain big data
  • An individual should know how to use tools for data analysis and make their job easier

If you have been hands-on in your working environment and have a sense of what is mentioned above, then you are ready to take the next step and be a big data specialist. 

Requirements for attempting the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam

  • This certification requires a prerequisite certification of AWS certified Cloud Practitioner or any AWS associate’s certification-related.
  • An individual must have the proper background with big data analysis and would be able to clearly explain the gathered data 
  • An individual must have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in data analysis
  • An individual must have experience in designing a cost-effective solution that will make it easier and more efficient to process data

If these requirements are met, you can now register for the examination. The exam will cost about $300. It is quite expensive so be sure you are physically and mentally prepared. Do not worry when it comes to preparations, there are a lot of ways for you to prepare, even if you have a full-time job that lets you have little to no time in studying. Below are some tips for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty certification preparation:

There are two courses that can help you with the certification. Remember that this certification is a practical exam and you will only be given 170 minutes to answer all the questions. 

  • Data Analytics Fundamentals – this course is offered to ensure that you get the basic information and other fundamentals that you may have forgotten about data analysis. This is an online course that is also self – paced so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. This is around 3 and a half hours that will discuss the five key factors of AWS services.
  • Big Data on AWS – this is another course that you can take for you to have information about Big Data. This is a classroom type of course so you must be present in an actual classroom with an instructor. This is around 3 days and the instructor will cover everything you have to know about AWS Big Data to prepare you for the certification.

These are all provided by AWS and you can register for the classes online. If you think you cannot attend these classes because of a busy schedule or if work is too much already, you can try other ways of preparation:

Prepare for the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam Significantly

  • Look for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty dumps that you can use as a reviewer. There will be a lot of those especially when exam dates are near. These can also be helpful and you can find all information you need to know and bring them anywhere so that when you can find time for a quick review, you have it with you.
  • AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam Simulator is designed for the actual test. This way, you can time yourself and see how long it will take you to answer all the questions and adjust if ever you take too long. You can also see your results instantly and see which part or topic of the exam you have a hard time with and focus more on those parts.
  • Since it is a practical exam, video tutorials are a great help. You can also keep it at your own pace so that you can learn each skill the way you want it to. There will be no time pressure for you control it and you can even follow the video at the same time it is being played so you can really understand each process and remember it.

What to do after passing the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Test?

Once you have passed, you will be receiving a digital badge that you can attach to your LinkedIn and other social media accounts that will help you get recognized in the industry. After a few years, you will need to get recertified. Don’t worry about the expenses, for sure you already have a better job position that has a great salary because of your certification.

Recertifications are required for every individual possessing any kind of certification of AWS. This way, they will be ensured that you are capable of the changes made and can keep up with the current updates without having any trouble. You carry the name of one of the world’s biggest company in the IT industry and you have to represent them well.

You now have a badge that can get you noticed in a sea of applications for your dream job, you have access to everything new AWS provides, and you are invited to all events they will be having, get awards and recognition and be with other certification holders in those events. You have the opportunity to meet the people behind AWS and even work for them.

All of this, with just passing one certification. You can now carve your path to your success and build a better future that can ensure financial stability for you and your family. You can be one of the biggest names in the industry if you work hard enough. So what are you waiting for? Register and apply for the certification and reach for that goal of yours. 

Remember to prepare and be confident that you are going to pass the exam. You can now become a Big Data Specialist and grow in the IT industry.

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