5 Best Browsers For Android Smartphone And Tablet

5 Best Browsers For Android Smartphone And Tablet

The Browser is one of the most important applications on our smartphones. A good browser is as important as a good smartphone. Here I am going to tell you about 5 best browsers for Android smartphone and tablet. We have numbers of such browsers on Google Play. So finding which browser is better is a difficult task. Let’s take a look at best browsers.


5 Best Browsers For Android Smartphone And Tablet


1.Google Chrome

Of course, it is a most popular web browser. You may have this pre-installed on your device, just opt to use it. However, you can download it from Google Play. And of course, it is free. Once you sign in to Google account it syncs your tabs, history, bookmarks and also remembers your usernames and passwords Google also makes sure that Chrome is using latest Android features.

To download Chrome Form Google Play Click here  🙂


Firefox is developed by Nonprofit organization Mozilla Foundation. It is one of the most solid browsers on Android. It has many cool features like syncing of bookmarks history etc, quick sharing, privacy features and many ones. The best part is it also supports third-party extensions like LastPass, AdblockPlus etc.

To download Firefox from Google Play Click here  🙂




3.Opera’s Browsers

Opera has two Android Browsers. Both are really good. First one is simple Opera Browser. It has many interesting features like a built-in-ad blocker, video compression features to save data and also has a dashboard where you can get news and your favourite stored. Opera gives an option to make Opera account that can be used to sync this to the desktop version. It is best for them who want something easy to use with great features.

The second one is Opera Mini.It is a more lightweight option.

To download Opera from Google Play Click here  🙂


It is developed by CloudMosa. It is completely different  Android Browers from the crowd. Puffin has features like a virtual gamepad, mouse cursor emulation etc. Support for Adobe Flash content makes it different from other Browers. It also has cool features like data compressions, privacy mode and supports extension like Pocket. Puffin is very useful for them who surf websites with flash content.

To download Puffin from Google Play Click here  🙂

5.Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Samsung Internet Browser is one the more interesting Android Browsers available on Google Play. It is the newest and is in beta right now. It recently came with Nexus and Pixel devices and also available for the Android phone running Lollipop or later.

To download Samsung Internet Browser Beta from Google Play Click here  🙂


I have listed 5 Best Browsers For Android above. Choose your Android Browers according to your needs. Hoping this article is useful for you. If you have any queries regarding this, please comment below. I am here for you to help.

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